Why I am here

This is why I’m here

Sean looks at me with watery eyes. He says: “This is the best meeting I have had in weeks”.
I have no words so I end up just responding with a smile.

My internship is going well. I am running from meeting to meeting with writers on magazine I’m currently managing and with people that wants help with content and other forms of communication.

My latest meeting was with co-leader of Crisis Response DTS, Sean Malone. This new DTS will not only teach the usual curriculum, but will also touch areas needed in the midst of catastrophes and crisis.  Sean has experienced many catastrophes himself being present at a number of known crisis like 9/11 and Hurricane Katrina.

It is overwhelming to help people at the University with communication because it touches a dry spot and people are so appreciative.

Many of my experiences as a missionary in Mexico are being put to use and though my primary job is to manage Transformations Magazine, I have to help the people here with blogs, postcards and budgeting.

It really takes courage to trust God and choose a life as a missionary. Many people here come from churches that support the. Some have parents that pay their fees. Others, especially my friends from Asia and Africa have very few supporters, if they even have any. Regardless, when you ask why they are here their answer is always the same: “God wants me to be here”.

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