Where will they sleep?

In need of space at the university

575 accepted students. 59 applications still being processed. Not enough room to house that many people.

The University is in an unusual situation. We are quickly approaching the next quarter, which could possibly be the biggest quarter the University has ever seen. It is a huge blessing to be able to see so many young people going into the world while seeking God, but as of this moment, we don’t have the room for that many people on campus.

I’ve had the chance to use some of my old skills I got in Mexico: building.
At the moment 12 rooms, which can all house 8 students, are being renovated. But they all need to be done by the end of next week. Because of that many of my afternoons this past week has been spend on putting together tables, installing toilets and finishing small electrical jobs.

It looks like we will be able to get the job done before the end of this quarter, but we have to work fast.

Simultaneously a new (HUGE) cafeteria is being build. The kitchen we have at the moment was build to feed 200 people and next quarter they will have to feed more than 1200 people.

Therefore, as you probably can understand from my description of University’s current challenges, please pray for the finances and the manpower to finish these projects soon.

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