Faith like a mustard seed

Faith like a mustard seed

The sun is dancing on my back. I’m splashing around in the surface of the water while looking down at the yellow fish playing around underneath me. Miriam disrupts the perfect peace as she yells: “Dolphins”.

I stick my head up from under the water swim closer to the kayak she is in. She continues quietly: “It’s either dolphins or sharks”. It takes me exactly 3 seconds to get back into the kayak!

I start scouting in the direction she saw activity and yes! There are definitely fins sticking out of the water 100 yards from where we are.

The girls that we are kayaking with climbs into their kayak as well, and we start pursuing whatever it is that is out there.

All of a sudden a tiny dolphin, no longer than 3 feet long, jumps free of the water and makes a little trick. Ecstatic.

We realize that we are surrounded by 30-40 dolphins. Some of them look newly born, but they are swimming and twirling before us. For a short moment we are completely alone with the dolphins without any disturbance. Then the around laying boats notice them and starts their motors to see them, which scares the dolphins out of the bay.

Just an hour ago Miriam and I asked God to send dolphins, but as we were asking we laughed at our own prayer. Now we can laugh at our lack of faith that day.

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