Talk to Auburn

Talk to Auburn

“Talk to Auburn. She has a really great story”, Erin’s text says. It’s 5 in the afternoon and I’ve just packed my bag and turned off my computer.
But … A good story is worth chasing.

I swallow my dinner quickly and hurry to Auburns room. I hear her yell, “come in,” as I knock on the door, but when I enter the girl’s dorm I’m unable to find her. My eyes search for the beautiful redhead, but all they see is bunk beds, colorful dresses and drawings. I call her name again and she responds from within a small cave on the bottom bunk in the middle of the room.
I sit down on the floor next to her and say: “Tell me about today”.

Auburn is still very young, late teens, but at home she is the second oldest. Being a big sister, she used to struggle a lot with the responsibility and expectations she felt she had to live up to. A few years back she tried to take her own life with a gun pointed at her chest.
“It was the worst pain I’ve ever felt”, she told me one night as we were talking.

Today Auburn had gone on outreach with a group of people to rehabilitation center. There she met a young woman with scars on her arms and chest. She was hugging a teddy bear. The scars she had were the result of trying to end her life by putting herself on fire. She didn’t want to live any longer.
Today Auburn told her how much Jesus loves her. The young woman heard God say that she is His child repeatedly, as Auburn was praying with her.
Today Auburn could tell the young woman, who wanted to know more about Jesus, how great life is – with Jesus.

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