The man on the mountain

The man on the mountain

“I enjoyed the concert”, Shawn said when we met him at the car. He continued, “I have asked God to send some YWAM’ers to pray for me before I leave tomorrow”.

It was freezing at Maune Kea and we had blankets and sleeping bags tugged over our shoulders to keep us warm while we were praying for Shawn and his children’s ministry in his local church.

On the way home to Kona we started talking in the car about how crazy it was to meet him there on the mountain. It wasn’t planned at all.
The same morning I had met the DTS students at breakfast. They had all expressed a wanting to go and see a little more of the Big Island before they went on outreach, so my friend and I went to the airport and rented a 4×4 truck so we could go wherever we wanted.

We left to go to Waipio Valley and hiked all the way to the twin waterfall. It was absolutely gorgeous, but we never expected it to take such a long time, so when we came back the sun was almost setting. We agreed to head home, but to stop on the way to get dried up and to eat.
After eating and getting some dry clothes on we almost decided to go home, but just before leaving we chose to swing by Maune Kea to see the stars.

When we arrived we were very choked by how cold it was, so we huddled up and started dancing and singing worship songs to keep us warm and give thanks to God for a wonderful day. That was when Shawn had seen us.

He had arrived too late to look at the stars through the telescopes and was initially going to go back to Kona, but then he heard our songs.

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