I will be needing a helicopter

I’m going to need a helicopter

I went to a meeting a month ago saying: ”We have a ship coming in. It’s going to be a big event, and I need your help to cover it.”

This Saturday I stood at the pier with the media team. Two of the cameramen stood at the end of the pier to set up the camera for the long shots. Three handheld cameras with microphones were ready. The drone with the GoPro was tested. I had received a message saying that the guy on the Jet Ski and the two guys on the ship were already shooting.

Hundreds of people started showing up and the Hawaiian canoe got pushed into the water. Out of the speakers came Hawaiian music and many of the kids were pointing towards the drone flying soundless over people’s heads.

We started to be able to see the ship arrive in the horizon. It didn’t take long before we were able to see the YWAM logo clearly.

Then I received the message: “We are on our way” – and I could hear them. I started looking to the skies and then I celebrated. The helicopter was arriving.

It didn’t take more than 30 seconds before it had passed over us and started pursuing the ship out in the bay. More people came to the pier to see what was going on and why the helicopter was circling around the ship.

As the ship came closer to the pier the helicopter followed and we were able to see Michael, our cameraman, sitting halfway out of the helicopter getting the good shots.

Not only was it amazing to see how volunteers were able to do such a professional job, but I was even more amazed by the humility the media group had in everything they did. I honestly didn’t think I could be prouder, but that was until Monday when I saw us take up the entire front page on West Hawaii Today.

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