Lonely birthdays

Lonely birthdays

The tears ran slowly down her cheek. They came from underneath her black, big sunglasses, and as she dried her face with her hands I could see her red freshly painted nail polish. We were sitting in the shallow water at the King Kamea hotel beach, as Nay and I prayed for her.

Her name is Julie, and she was in Kona on vacation.

We had started small talking and it didn’t take us long before we started talking about living for God, missions and Christianity. Julie was very interested in what we do with YWAM, and asked if she would be able to come back next year and join for a short time.

As we told her about the mission builder program, she got really excited and told us casually that it is her 50th year birthday next year and that she doesn’t want to be alone for her birthday.

We realized how lonely this woman was. She was absolutely gorgeous – so kind and nice to talk to, that it shocked us when she told us about her loneliness.

Apparently she had been married before, but her husband was very abusive and “[she] was surprised that [she] came out of that marriage alive,” Julie told us.

We prayed for her, and she started crying softly. She has been asking God for such a long time to give her a new husband that would love Jesus and treat her well.

If you have any time to pray with her, I know she will appreciate it greatly.

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