Day light mind meeting

Lunch with Tiffany

As I’m talking to Marissa my head is pounding. I haven’t had anything to eat all day and  I can only think about the fish tacos I ordered. After emptying my glass of water our waiter comes with delicious food, and I dive in. As she is filling up my cup with water again, she looks out the window to the mountain and says: “Wow, is that a storm coming in?”

Knowing Hawaii – and that the storms usually come from the ocean, not the mountains – I ask the obvious question: “How long have you been in Kona?”

Her name is Tiffany and she moved here a few months back. She came to pursue a degree through University of Hilo, but ended up staying in Kona, working at Daylight Mind Café.

“I just broke up with my boyfriend this Wednesday,” she says after a few minutes of small talk. She tries to smile when she tells us that Hawaii is full of healing power and she is looking forward to experience that while she is here.

My heart starts beating faster as she is telling us about the inner healing she has been searching for so I say: “I once had a broken heart too, but I have been healed by Jesus. He took all the junk I had in my heart and transformed me completely and I know that He will do the same for you if you allow him to save you.”

She gets really quiet. Then she gives me a hug.

After eating I leave my number and a note with her tip, but before we go out the door, she gives us one more hug. She says we can pray with her though she is working, so we pray that God will reveal Himself to her and heal her heart.

I hope she will give me a call one of these days.

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