Give me some spirit

Give me some spirit

She was probably around two years old. Though all her small teeth have cavities her smile is full of joy and sassiness. She was filling up small water bottles with the water from the drain next to her house. The water is far from clean, but she put it in a little basket and walked by me smiling. Then she entered her house.

Well aware that following after her could be misunderstood I still walked to the door and looked in. There were eight adults sitting in the little kitchen looking at me with curious eyes. They gave me a sign to come in and they provided a chair for me to sit on. They didn’t speak English and I didn’t speak Tagalog.

My translator looked in through the door and asks what I’m doing. “I don’t know, but I want to talk with them,” I told him. He is given a chair as well and sits down across from me.

“They want to know what you are doing here,” he then said and I started telling them how God loved the Philippines so much that he told me to go and care for his people after the Typhoon, Yolanda, hit.

I tell them about the Holy Spirit and how he talks to me and helps me to know and understand the will of God. I felt that I was supposed to ask them if they wanted to invite the Holy Spirit to live in them so I do. I look at my translator to figure out how they were reacting to my challenge, but he is just smiling at me.

“What are they saying?” I asked.

“They want the Holy Spirit,” he said.

“How many of them do?” I then ask.

“All of them,” he responded, “They all want the spirit.”

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