3 tips that could make you a better partner or friend

We all have interpersonal relationships. Some are deeper than others, some go way back, while some are struggling. The purpose of this blog post is to give you three simple tools on how to build and maintain interpersonal relationships through communication. Here goes:

Tip #1: Give up a little bit of yourself

When we share personal information with another person we take a risk; what if the thing we share will cause the other person to think less of us? However, there is also a chance that the shared information could bring the other person closer through sympathy, empathy or interest. It could lead to a deeper level of trust from showing transparency and openness. Often, the chance is worth taking.

Adler & Proctor (2014) write regarding self-disclosure that it “builds liking because it is a sign of regard. When people share private information with you, it suggests that they respect and trust you.” This shows that we can use self-disclosure to establish and build trust in a relationship. Self-disclosure is especially important in the early stages of a relationship. Certain things should be revealed early in order to not keep the other person in the dark. This goes for romantic relationships as well as friendships and business relationships.

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