4 ways your church can become more missional

Before I reveal the four ways in which your church can become more missional, I would like to begin by saying my understanding of the word “missional” can be summed up following:

We frequently say “the church has a mission,” [but] according to missional theology a more correct statement would be “the mission has a church.” – Alan Hirsch

With that in mind, knowing the church is birthed out the mission, not the other way around, here are four ways your congregation can serve God’s mission in your neighborhood.

1. Encourage and bless ministries that are ALREADY existing in your area.

I’m blessed with parents that are full time missionaries. They work with Iranian and Afghan-Iranian refugees, teaching the Bible, initiating community, and helping them integrate. They asked their congregation to help them in their ministry, but most of the church members had NEVER done any missional ministry before. They didn’t feel capable of teaching or taking the lead. However, they were more than willing to babysit, cook, participate and welcome people to their homes. My parent were encouraged and blessed by all the help the congregation gave them. This week they are celebrating Christmas at the refugee center.

Now, all the churches I have ever attended were made up of people with very different giftings and passions. Often, people are willing to help those who lead. Maybe your congregation can support ministries that are already existing.

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  1. Israel Ngwenya

    I must thank God for using you to remind and and enlighten me over the Missionery Church.The Disciple Class is something you have helped me cause at the church where iam it doesn’t exist.Iam still a member as of now,and I will share the light.I do also share with my brother every post,he’s an Evangelist.

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