5 tips: Deliver the BEST toast of the evening

Your best friends wedding, student graduations, the moving away party, your mother’s birthday, etc. You ought to give a toast, but how exactly do you deliver the speech of the night? Here are five tips that could help you deliver the best toast of the evening.

1: Focus

Before you begin to write down all the jokes you want to say, or you decide how to end the toast, you should decide what the key message of your speech should be. For it to be remembered, it has to be “about” something. Thus, your primary goal should be; if the audience only remembers one thing from my speech, what would I want to tell them in one sentence.

It is the same technique many reporters use when they write a news article. Before they write the body, they decide the focus of the article by writing down ONE sentence that sums up the entire objective.

Why? Because it is painfully awkward to listen to a toast that is all over the place, has no directions, and you end up toasting to something that doesn’t mean anything. Thus, you should decide what your focus should be before you add all the other points.

Say you are giving a toast at a wedding. You want to say many things to the couple, but a toast has to be short. The thing you want the couple to know above all else is that love is gentle and kind. Then write that down: “Love is gentle and kind.” After doing that, you should use your focus sentence to remain on point the whole way through.

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