Aloha Lanai

The biggest building in Hawaii. Right next to my bedroom.

Yesterday was the first day in the quarter meaning 580 students arrived from all over the world to do school with us here at University of the Nations.

Yesterday was also the first open day for our new dining hall, Aloha Lanai, that is officially the biggest building on the island of Hawaii.

I don’t even know where to start describing how significant this building is to me as a person who focuses on strategic missions.

The work I do is planned out and discussed on our team. We write and doodle on the white board in our office until we have the best solution and then we execute it judiciously. We specialize in effective and relevant communication on the mission field.

Because of the strategic process I’m so fascinated with this new building, because it is much more than just a big building.

  • It is the largest building YWAM has ever build.
  • It allows us to feed 2500+ people in one sitting.
  • The building will also create offices for TransMedia- and IT-missions on its large downstairs level.
  • It will provide classrooms for School of Dance and School of Culinary Arts.

I feel blessed to be part of this and to see how it will have an effect on missions training for missionaries all over this planet.

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