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Aloha and Merry Christmas. I am sorry for the radio silence over the last couple months. It has been an intense time in my life as I’ve been raising time to finish... Read More

NEW Bible app Launch

It finally happened. The email from David confirmed that the app was available in both Google Play and App Store. I was WOWed by the interface, the colors, and how easy it was to... Read More

I was so angry

I wrote a three-part series of blogs a few months back on how to deal with conflicts in relationships. The blogs addressed; taking responsibility for our emotions, how to use perception checking... Read More

Prayer for Fiji

I just got back from Fiji. I went there after an enormous cyclone hit the country; leaving many families without roofs on their family homes. As I was there, the rain season... Read More


On February 20th, Cyclone Winston, the largest cyclone ever recorded in the Southern Hemisphere, hit the island nation of Fiji. Reports from Fiji state that at least 43 people lost their lives... Read More

LOVE next door

Just this past weekend I got to be part of something incredible; something I’ve wanted to do for a long time. My Tribe, the community I am a lifestyle missionary with, hosted... Read More

Its not you—its me: Part 2

Communicating difficult emotions This is the second part of a three-part blog about conflict resolution. The first part is about recognizing emotions and the conclusion was that we are responsible for our... Read More

“I don’t know”

You’re speaking publicly, you are prepared, and you are about to finish. The feeling of excitement and accomplishment lingers in your stomach as you feel successful. “You’ve done a good job!” you... Read More

One Word Stories

Stories can be many things. I am currently doing a class that involves narrative concept and development. I was asked to tell five one-word stories from my own life. Here they are: Wake.... Read More