Giftings, character or skills

Giftings, character or skills. Which of these do you need to focus your growth on for the next season?

That was the question Christoph asked all of us at the YWAM family camp last week.

He said:
“If you don’t believe God has gifted you in any ways or if you find it hard to agree with the Lord that the giftings He has given you are the right ones – this might be the area you want to focus on.”

I took a moment to reexamine my heart. Do I believe I have giftings from God? What are they? Do I agree with God that my giftings are the best for me?

I could hear Christoph continue on the stage:
“Do you need to grow in character? – How solid is your foundation and how deep does your roots go? Do you have any flaws in your character that needs attention?”

He was standing next to a plant that symbolized growth. I could’t stop but thinking to myself that I should read my bible more. I wanted to focus my time more on that. Many other thoughts about how I could grow in character entered my mind.

“How many languages do you speak? – Do you know how to fix a car? You never know when you need to speak French! Do you need to grow in your skills and become better at something?”

I do speak a few languages, I thought to myself. I could become better at German, that’s for sure, and I always wanted to be able to cut hair..

Finally I made a choice – I want to focus this next season of my life in building my character. What do you want to focus the next season of your life on?

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