Green or red

The last four hours of the SurgeView, a research project designed to create bible study material, ended the afternoon on the 17th of December 2014. Forty nationalities, more than 200 people engaged and thousands of hours of research has been put into this project. We are almost at the end of highlighting and extracting the last theme: Medias. The project has required going through the bible seven times, each time with focus on one of the following themes: Religion, Family, Economy, Technology, Celebration, Government and Medias.

The highlights will be translated into software giving an overview of the bible in a way that allows you to study the bible in depth within the seven spheres of society.

Does ‘blessing’ classify as a form of communication from God, or not?” I ask the group. The room fills with noise as we discuss. We do not agree entirely, and though I asked the question, I’d prefer we don’t include it in the specific verse we are looking at. Others think it qualifies and finally David Hamilton calls spoons – which means we are to vote with the two spoons we have been provided, one green, one red. Four red and two green spoons are raised and we conclude that the majority is against it – we don’t include it for this passage.

SourceView Bible: the Bible as a manuscript! In the context of media we could have taken the entire bible and highlighted it as a communication piece, which obviously would have been valid, but would defeated the purpose of trying to extract the principals of the bible what applies to medias. No – we would rather classify the verses involving and describing communication.

I got involved by preparing almost half of the books in the Bible for this event. in 2015 we are expecting to have all of the words transferred to searchable software, ready in AppStore, Google Play and MarketPlace.

I am excited to have been included in the proces and given the opportunity to come with inputs that will be included in the material.

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