How to get through hardship

I recently traveled to Fiji after a massive cyclone hit the country, leaving it in shock and devastation. As I was preparing to head out, the Lord put a message on my heart. It was a message for those who has gone through adversity*** . However, after my trip, I was reminded that natural disasters are merely one type of adversity us humans can experience. Other times it can be personal, in our relationships, at work, physical, mental, or even spiritual hardship. I wanted to share the core points of the message the Lord spoke. I know the message might be controversial, and it might not apply to the difficulties you, personally are going through, but I assure you I have nothing but good intentions and hope for this message.

We all experience adversity

Chaos. Difficulties. Hardship. Have you ever experienced it? My guess is that you have. Most people have to some degree. Adversity is part of every human’s story. No life is truly lived without hardship. Most likely one man’s hardship look different from other’s, but we all experience it of some sort. A person we love might hurt us. It can be in work relationships; between a co-worker and us. It can also be financial; trying to get by and provide for a family. It can also be physical; struggling with pain in our body. It can be losing someone we love. It can be trying to solve a problem. We all experience adversity.

Adversity started in Eden

When Adam and Eve sinned against God, sin entered the world. With sin, death, also, entered the world (Genesis 3:22-23, Genesis 3:17.) Our world is fallen; which is why earthquakes, cyclones, tornadoes, floods, and droughts happen.

*** The reason why the story of the Fall is significant in this aspect is to end the false belief that natural disasters are God’s punishment over nations. It is easy to blame natural disasters on a lack of faith, wrong worship, or blasphemy. Regardless, it is not how God works, and the cross is evidence.***

house on the rocks

When the storms come

Jesus told a parable about when storms come. He said that “the ones who build their house on the sand would see their life wash away, but those who built it on the rock would resist the storm (paraphrased: Luke 5:48-49).” The storm is a metaphor for difficulties, hardship, struggle, and pain in our lives. The reason why Jesus taught this was that some of the disciples applied Jesus teachings while others did not. Through the analogy Jesus promised two things:

Firstly, Jesus promised that those who use his teachings WILL get through the hard times; what an excellent encouragement. They have a foundation. Those who don’t apply his teachings or don’t know his teachings have a troublesome time. We, who understand his teachings, can help those who don’t. We can teach them what Jesus has taught us about love, about hope, about heaven, about God, about how to live a good life, and about how to be a good friend.

Secondly, he also promised that the storms WILL come. He said that to his disciples. No matter how holy we live, not matter how right we worship, the storms still come. They come because we live in a broken world. However, the Bible shows us a way to get through the difficult times.

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