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Just this past weekend I got to be part of something incredible; something I’ve wanted to do for a long time. My Tribe, the community I am a lifestyle missionary with, hosted a block party for our neighborhood. The demography in the apartment complex shows that many people from the Micronesian islands live there, which made the day even more special.

As you’re probably already familiar with; many Micronesians were obliged to leave their homes after 1986 when the U.S. tested nuclear weapons in the nearby waters. It is a known fact that the U.S. detonated 67 nuclear weapons near the Marshall Islands making it extremely dangerous to live there or eat any food from the area.

Many of the Islanders from the vicinity evacuated to Hawaii, where several now battle health issues such as diabetes and cancer, most likely linked to nuclear exposure. Therefore, it was our privilege to host a party for our neighbors; to show them they are loved, cared for, and worthy of our friendship.

Here is our post-event press release, written by my friend Kate Cremisino:

Saturday was Ohana Fun Day at the Kama’aina Hale apartment complex in Kona for hundreds of local families and singles. A collective group of friends called The Tribe, consisting of families and singles from the neighboring community, approached the complex management team and got the thumbs up to host the event. 

“We wanted to provide our neighbors with an afternoon of music, a shared meal, and fun. Spreading aloha and bringing the community together was our aim. And we wanted to pass on the idea that you can do random acts of kindness for your neighbors,” said Teresa Blay, who helped manage the event.

Residents of Kama’aina Hale enjoyed an afternoon of free catering and activities like horse shoe throwing, face painting, a donut-eating contest, and free nail painting services. The group also rented a bouncy house from a local vendor, Fun to Jump Kona, which was one the main attractions. 

Kama’aina resident Maua Vole, Jr. said:

Finally got to meet and create good relations with our neighbors. It was a good feeling having our community bond and get to know one another. We definitely think these kinds of events should be done again. It was very effective —now we communicate with our neighbors instead of just driving by like strangers.

The event was paid for through an online fundraiser and by selling refreshments. People from all over the world contributed financially to make the party happen. The Tribe also cooked alongside Chefs In Christ who donated their time in preparation for the party.

Donations were also made by the local window washing company, Pane in the Glass, while local business Sun Run Solar donated tents and a generator for the afternoon’s festivities.

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  1. Israel

    Thank you My sister,for such a good and wonderful initiative.Instead of blaming and condeming you chose to show love.Indeed love must be shown thru our actions,not just our compliments.A man once said,’the world is full of Good people,if you can’t find one,be one.’God be with you dear,and I pray that the Lord Jesus should bless you the more to touch and reach many.peace,shalom Shalom.bro Israel Ngwenya.

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