NEW Bible app Launch

It finally happened. The email from David confirmed that the app was available in both Google Play and App Store. I was WOWed by the interface, the colors, and how easy it was to use the app. Unfortunately, it is still only available in the US; it will be available in other countries soon.

It’s almost two years ago now, that I began my work with the Bible app. David Hamilton, the brain behind all the research, has spent a lifetime reading the Bible. He was seeking to create an app that made it easier for people to do searches as well as research within a biblical context and structure. With my background in communications, I was able to help shine a light on the sphere of communications.

The app is free right now. I would love to hear feedback on the experience.

Here is an example of how you can use the app to search interesting topics. Let’s examine something arbitrary: “How many times does King David speak to a female involving the sphere of education?”

  1. Go to the Discovery Center
  2. Choose your first filter, source: David
  3. Choose a new filter, recipient: Female.
  4. Finally, choose a sphere: Education.

App pages

There are thousands of other search options in the app, and depending on whatever sphere you work in or is involved in, you might find it useful that you can now search the Bible through the lens of your sphere.

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