New Year – New challenges

“Thank you, have a nice day. Bye” – I hung up. I was shaking. My pulse was rising to 160 bpm and my breathing had become rapid and short. I could feel the tears pressing their way from my eyes and I quickly dried them away with my hands.

I had just been on the phone with University of Hawaii Hilo. After months of dialoging with the university in order for me to study with them as an exchange student, they realized that they had given me false hope. Due to my visa type they weren’t allowed to let me study with them.

I wish they would have let me know three months ago, when I had a chance to do something about it.

The thoughts were running in my head. What do I do now? How will I afford to stay when I no longer qualify for the grant I was going to get from my school in Denmark? What about the team I’m leading – and the campaign we are so heavily involved in?

I took a deep breath. Closed my eyes. My pulse slowed down.

“God – I’m not done here,” I said.

Regardless, I had to, once again, put down all of my expectations, plans and wishes and ask God to guide me. It was hard for me to accept the fact that I possibly would have to leave.

As the week went by, another two of my staff received the terrifying news that they might have to leave the US due to denied visas. It was very testing as a leader to see the pain and the confusion in my staff – especially because I was still unsure of my own future on the team.

What struck me was the realization of how much my team and co-workers here at YWAM Kona needed me and included me in decisions, leadership and creative innovations. How could I even doubt that God wanted to use me here?

So I made up my mind. I will stay. I will continue my work and trust that God will help me raise the funds I need to stay.

And PRAISE God! I have already raised 53% of my monthly needs within the first week. It has been so wonderfully encouraging for me to see how graciously people have invested into my mission. For every $9 I’m able to raise monthly I come 1 % closer to reach a 100% funded ministry.

I’ve asked God to help me get there before New Year’s so that I can start 2015 fully funded and undistracted. I will also ask you to pray and consider joining my support team!

I believe my mission is important and that God is using me to see hundreds of new missionaries join the Great Commission the next couple of years I get to work here.

If you are one of the ones who have decided to sow into my ministry – Thank you so much because you believe in me and my mission. I appreciate your friendship, our prayers and your encouragement. It is a great honor to have people in my life that wants to take part in my calling to see more trained missionaries go into the mission field and spread the Good News.

If you want to come on board on my support team to see more missionaries get training in order to transform the world around them, you can click here to read about how you can support me.

Lots of love and aloha,

Teresa Blay

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