No longer the Lone Ranger

My team has had purpose and function on the University of the Nations Kona and I can honestly say that I am very satisfied with the things we have accomplished, but in the long run I have grown a little lonely in my ministry.

Luckily one of the ministries on campus picked me up and adopted me into their midst which means that I still advise and produce communication for the campus, but now I do it under The Tribe.

The Tribe is a wonderful ministry that works with lifestyle missionaries. But what is a lifestyle missionary?

Putting it simply a lifestyle missionary is a Christian.

God sent Jesus. Jesus sent the Holy Spirit. The Holy Spirit sends Christians.

Being sent does not mean that you need to do what I do – leave all you have, move to another country and work with a people group or towards a reformation. No! Being sent means understanding your vital role as a Jesus follower in the environment you live in.

I look so much forward to continue to share with you what I learn from working with Christians all over the world as they use their 9 to 5 lives to inspire, transform and impact the people around them.


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