Ready, Set – Post

We had been around the entire island of Hawaii taking photos for the campaign. In all sorts of scenarios we had set up the table and the chair as if the person behind the desk was studying. We wanted to show the absurdity of the study environments as a student with University of the Nations – You can end up anywhere in the world.

The idea had come after many days of going back and forth as a team. We had tossed many good ideas out and gone to the extreme. We didn’t want to limit ourselves, but we wanted to use the best concept.

As I looked at the photos from the day I almost cried. They were so good. I was so thankful. I could at no point take the credit for these amazing shots – my team had astonished me with their skills and their creativity.

The pictures were worked on, the campaign text was added and boom. There it was! The first picture was ready for upload. I was trying to play it cool, but inside I was about to explode of pride – the sort of pride I imagine a mother have for her child as it takes it’s first step.

Ready… Set… Post! There it was on the facebook page smiling back at me. The likes were flooding in and in about two days the first photo had more than three thousand likes and we had been in contact with several people interested in training with us.

I love communication. I love how a photo can speak to a person and confirm in their heart that they are to become a missionary.

Thank you for reading this and thank you for supporting my calling, to help others discover their calling.

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