Repenting from bitterness

I’m starting school on next week. I am so excited to start studying again, but more than anything else I am excited to study with Regent University – A Christian university.

From four years of school in Denmark where I was one of the few Christians in my class to text books that are founded in Scripture. I’m still waiting for many of my text books to arrive (hopefully on time), but I started reading a little ahead. One article I was asked to read tackled biblical vs unbiblical ways to communicate. It wrecked me!

I consider myself an advocate for biblical communication, but the truth of this particular article really showed me my heart.

One of the major objectives in this article was Bitterness vs Reconciliation. The writer of this scientific paper on Christian Counseling says:

“ […] the problem of communication is not in the choice of words, but in the absence of words needed for resolution. When you are bitter, you rehearse the offense in your mind.” – Jeffrey S. Forrey

As soon as I read this God reminded me of a time I was getting ready for school in the morning when I was back in Denmark. As I was showering, eating breakfast and packing my bag I was mentally and audibly preparing myself for an argument with a person I was going to meet that day. I was preparing myself, and not in the positive way, to go into verbal battle! How terrible is that? One thing is to prepare for an exam or a sales bit or a speech, but to prepare yourself for verbally disagreeing and cutting someone down shows an attitude of bitterness and resent.

I felt like God spiritually kicked my butt and said: “If you are going to become an advocate for MY communication then you need to recognize these emotions when you have them.”

So! I’m so excited to continue my studies and get my butt kicked by God even more. If you recognize this same emotion in your heart, or have gone through the same realization and feel like sharing about it – please feel free to comment underneath.

Thanks for tracking along with me.

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