Smile for me

Did you know that your interpretation of your emotions can override how you actually feel? Raised heartbeat, starting to sweat a little, you feel your hands shake, you need a deep breath, you can almost audibly hear your own thoughts…. Tell me – what is this emotion? Fear? Excitement? Nervousness? Sad? – What is you told yourself it was excitement instead of nervousness?

Emotional intelligence is a term used when a person is really good at describing how they feel. Some people find it easy to describe how they feel and have a vast amount of emotions they recognize whereas other people have fewer words to describe how they feel. They might only recognize: happy, sad and that’s it.

Research from University of Washington has shown that if we smile; we can trick our bodies to perform as if the body is happy. Lower heart rate, less stress hormones and a settled stomach. By making sad faces the body can go into stress.

Studies also show that when talking about accomplishments that you are proud of you LITERALLY look taller! When you talk about things you ashamed of or disappointment you look shorter.

I don’t have much more to say today than SMILE! Please do it for me and do it for you. Smile whenever you can… Chin up, don’t be ashamed, grow an inch 😉

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