On February 20th, Cyclone Winston, the largest cyclone ever recorded in the Southern Hemisphere, hit the island nation of Fiji. Reports from Fiji state that at least 43 people lost their lives died due to the cyclone, while 13,000 people lost their homes.

However, my Fijian friends tell me that the spirit of Fiji has not been broken. Fijians are resilient, strong, and powerful, yet right now they need encouragement, extra hands to clean up debris, and supplies such as water filters, solar powered generators, and tents. My team, the Tribe, has already received donations of water filters, and we are looking to buy generators and tents.

I am leaving for Fiji on Saturday the 19th. I will go ahead of the team to make help, assess the needs and meet with key people in our mission to help Fiji. The ticket was paid for through donations. I still need another $500 to cover the on ground costs as well as bringing oversized luggage with me. If you find in your heart to help, that would be greatly appreciated. There should be a donation widget on the right side or on the bottom of the page. If you can’t find it, you can also just click here.

I will be bringing tents with me to Fiji, hence the oversized bag. The schools don’t have anywhere to teach after the cyclone, Winston, which means a lot of schools are closed at the moment. We are hoping that the tent I will be bringing will allow them to begin class again in some places.

I will continue to give updates on our work in Fiji. I appreciate all prayers, encouragement, and support you find in your heart to send our way.

“All the families on earth will be blessed through you,” Genesis 12:3

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