I seek to become great at the things I do, I love to learn new things and I am very curious. I enjoy working on projects where I can use my talents and giftings.


about Jesus. I’ve chosen to follow him for the rest of my life whatever the cost. I honestly believe He is the truth and my life would be boring without Him.


I’m quick and efficient, but I work with joy and affection. I love expressing myself creatively, but with a theoretic depth. I am a team-player.

I am a Communications student at Danish School of Media and Journalism in Aarhus, Denmark. Currently, I’m volunteering with the Tribe in Kona, Hawaii, in an organization called YWAM (Youth With A Mission).  I run most of the social media for the Tribe, which is one of my strengths.
Social media, my education, and my passion for communication give me a platform for consulting missionaries that work with YWAM in how to put together communication strategies and how they can reach their goals with communication. I can teach on communication, which is something I’d like to do more.

How can I afford it?

I often get asked how I can afford to live in Hawaii, and my answer is still:

I can’t !

The only reason it’s possible for me to live in Hawaii and train young missionaries in how to communicate well and with a passion is that I have friends that believe that what I do is very important. They sponsor me financially to live here and to travel when I need to. You can also sponsor me by clicking the ‘Donate’ button underneath. Read more about options for giving here. Read more about options for giving here →