We don’t need your help

Out of the goodness in their hearts they protest. But they don’t understand the circumstances. They dont know that help isn’t needed. They don’t know their protest is causing harm.

After Charlie did his Discipleship Training School and outreach to Calcutta in India he moved to Japan. He wanted to experience and understand the people he came there to serve, so he moved out on the streets to live with the homeless on the River in Tokyo. He only planned to live there for a few months, but ended up living on the streets for 15 months.

“Tokyo has a quite unique system,” Charlie says, “Every single month the government send their people down to the River, to put a notice on their small homes telling them that they are being evicted in a few days.”

The homeless know exactly what will happen though. On the day of the eviction, they pack up all there belongings, move them up to the top of the wall and wait. The people working for the government come, clean up the few things left behind, take pictures to ‘prove’ that they evicted everyone living on the River, and then they leave. No longer than five minutes later the homeless are back down on the River setting up their houses again. This happens every month like clockwork.

The only times it doesn’t happen this way is when there are tsunami warnings. In case of a tsunami, the government will put up a notice on each home saying that they won’t evict them on the regular day due to the tsunami – “the eviction has been moved to next Tuesday. Take care.” How nice of them to let everyone know!

This system works. Nobody is bothering anyone and everybody lives in perfect harmony with one another. When activist come and start a protest saying: “We need to change this system so the homeless people won’t get evicted every month,” that cause more harm than good since they are disturbing a perfectly fine system – even though the protesters have the interest of the homeless in mind. Thanks, but no thank you.

Let’s be careful when our good deeds come from a lack of understanding.

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